Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use while playing the Coin Master and win more coins.

  • A player can send 5 cards per day, but if you want to send more than 5 cards, you can simply change the date settings 24 hours forward. 
  • You can use a pet, feed it, and when you are done playing, simply select a different pet. This will not only stop the timer of the pet and keep it active but will also let you use the other pet whenever you want. 
  • You can join Facebook groups where many players give away free rare cards. It is an opportunity that you don’t wanna miss. You can also trade for new rare cards and complete your collection. 
  • If you want to win the game and score big then you should play the game every 2 to 3 hours. When you do this, your stock will be half empty, which means you won’t miss the opportunity to win free spins. This will also help you to utilize your coin stock and save you from a potential raid. 
  • When you spin, try to learn the patterns of the slots machine. Don’t give away all the 50 spins in one go. When you use all of your spins, you might realize that you have lost more spins that you win. It is better to wait for some time.
  • You can look up at the last card in the chest and count the stars it has. If you see 1 or 2 stars then buy a Wooden chest. However, if you see 3 stars they go for the Gold chest. If you see 4 or 5 stars then buy a Magical chest. By trying this trick, you can win more new cards.
  • Players can start the process by buying Wooden chests and can repeat doing the same until the last card has 3 or more stars on it. Once this objective is reached, players can move to the Golden chest and then continue buying until the last card has 4 stars on it. After this, the players can start buying the Magical chests until they get the last Golden card. This is a step that the players can start over and repeat. 
  • Players can buy 20 chests of each type. This will help them complete their card collection quickly.
  • A player can upgrade village objects and buy chests at the same level. For this, you need to build village objects until 2 stars each, after which you can buy chests. This will help you save time and you can win more rewards this way.

Don’t Hoard Coins

There is a higher chance of raid at your base or village if you have been hoarding a large portion of your coins. When you raid or attack someone else’s village, you win a lot of coins.

Apart from that, there are bags of coins and other ways through which a player can earn coins. However, hoarding these coins can make you vulnerable to potential raids.

Instead of hoarding, you should always spend coins on upgrading your village or buying stuff. Spend when you can afford it. This tip is very helpful especially when you are out of shields.

Storing a bulk of coins can make you an easy target for your enemies and they can raid you. If a big raid is successful, it can end with the raider player walking out of your den, stealing millions of your coins. 

Big Raids

Undoubtedly, spinning is very tempting. When you get a higher amount of spins, it makes you want to raise your bet. Of course, it will also multiply the number of coins you have. However, as a strategic player, you might want to save your spins so that you can raid extremely rich players. This way you can steal millions from their pocket.

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When you get 3 Pig Bandits in a row after the spinning, you get to raid the Coin Master. Just above the slots machine, you can see the Coin Master’s name, image, and the current coin store status. Save your bets so that you can raid the Coin Masters and win millions of coins. If you get a Foxy, you must feed it and keep it well equipped before heading to raid another player’s village. Foxy is an active pet and acts as a shovel to dig the hidden chests and coins. This increases your chances for a perfect raid and helps you win more coins. 

Buy chests

In every level, a player gets a village and is required to upgrade the village in order to reach the next level. When you get individual cards, they might not come handy or offer any bonuses.

However, when a card collection is completed, you get rewards like spins. So when you enter into a new village and want to set up your base, you should purchase chests. The more chests you will buy, the more cards you will win. So you can try buying as many as chests depending on the coins you have. 

Why do you need to buy chests from the initial level? This is because it becomes more difficult to obtain the lower level cards as a player reaches the upper village levels. This is why buying chests in the lower level can help you complete your collection.

Use Pet Bonus

Once you have activated a pet, its boosting effect is only available for the next 4 hours. Sometimes players run out of the spins and by the time the spins are regenerated, the pet sleeps. If you don’t play for the next 4 hours, you should always save activating your pet. 

The same logic applies to the Rhino also. If your base is already under the protection of a shield, the Rhino cannot defend it. Wait for the right time to send your Rhino and make the best use of the time. 

Perfect Raid

One of the most appealing tricks or strategies for raiding others bases is the Two-finger trick. Usually, when you raid, there are 4 holes and 3 shovels but what if you want to dig all 4 of them. If you want to dig 2 holes and you know that both of them have coins then what should you do?

You can tap on the 2 remaining holes exactly at the same time and then hold for a second. This will help you dig the coins and will make your raid perfect. But you need to be precise to do that. Place fingers in level with each other and tap as fast as you can. Being slow here can delay response and jeopardize your perfect raid.

Village Master

With each level, players get a new village and need to upgrade their objects. When you upgrade an object, a star is added to your progress. Upgrading and completing a village will also give you great rewards along with stars. These rewards can be spins, XPS, pet food, or coins. In the initial stage of the game, a player can get rewards in the form of free spins or coins. Although, as you move forward, the difficulty level of the villages also increases but there are also promising rewards waiting for the players. 

Check for Coin Master Essentials and Rarest Cards in Coin Master.


The video ad technique is used in many games to provide bonuses and prizes to the player. This is one of the easiest ways to get free spins. If you are out of free spins and do not want to spend real money to get more spins, you can always use this option. All you need to do is to watch a short ad video in the Coin Master game. Usually, these videos are short and can last up to 1 minute. Watching the ad video will bestow you up to 5 spins. 

The only condition here is, a player can only watch a video ad if less than 10 spins are left in the stock. When you complete watching each video ad, you will receive only one free spin. The more videos you will watch, the more free spins you will get until the stock count is 10.

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