What are the rarest cards on coin master?

Rarest Cards in Coin Master


Jaguar, Satyr, Gnome House, Cheerful Chad, Holy Monk, Medusa,  Pink Eddy, Barrel Tank, Tall Tim, Santa Helper, SilverBack, Kettle, Toto, Sneaky, Genie, Farmer Feng, Smoking Pipe, Flamingo,  Phantom, and Nessie.


Evidence, Scarecrow, Mythical Tune, Fighting Monk, Mary Matlida, Kingsfoil, Excalibur, Santa, Fighting Fred, Magic Tree, Hobby Horse, EI, and Creaky Crow.


Martin Lettuce, Jelly Fish, Mighty Wizard, Little Lenya, Aztec Princess, Portly Pete, Elder Elk, Cleopatra, Santa Sled’s, Frida, Flamur the Flutist, Mythical Dome, Arm Strong, Fondue, and Torero.


There are so many different types of chests and these chests drop types of cards. There are a variety of cards which have different village levels. This means some particular cards are received when a player completes or crosses a particular level.

There is a higher chance of drawing a specific rare card. However, which card you will draw completely depends on the chest which you are opening. Out of other chests, the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s chests have a higher chance of dropping the Joker card.

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The Wooden, Golden, and Magical chests are available from Village level 3 which draws a total of 2, 4, and 8 cards respectively. The Small Lucky Chest is available from village level 4 and draws a total of 6 cards. The Small Easter Chest is available at Village 10 and draws 6 cards whereas the Big Easter Chest is available at village level 20 with a total of 8 cards. Along with this, the Emerald Chest is also available at village level 20 and has 4 cards. Read about the essentials for coin master.

On the other hand, the Big Lucky Chest and Valentine’s Chest are available at village level 30 with 6 cards. The Viking Chest and the Sapphire Chest are available at village level 40, whereas the Fortune Chest is available at village 100. The Ruby Chest at village 110 and finally the Epic Chest is available at the village level 130.

Only Mystery chests and Valentine Chests have a probability to drop Pet Snacks. On the other hand, chests like Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby have fixed probabilities. This means these cards will surely give Bonus Spins. Alternative ways help you get the latest Free Spins on Coin Master.

Coin Master Free Spins on iThawt
Coin Master Free Spins

Joker card

This is an ultra-rare card in the game of Coin Master. Players can earn this card by participating in the events of the game as well as by unlocking the Mystery chests. An interesting fact about the Joker card is that it can transform into any other card. However, that depends on the players. Even if you want to transform the Joker card into a Gold card, you can do that too. Although the Joker cards have a time limit and a player is required to use them before they expire. 

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