What are Coin Master Essentials?

Like every other game, Coin Master has some essentials and as a player, you might want to know everything, to win more coins and free spins. When the Coin Master begins, you will get a brief tutorial about the game that will introduce you to its basic mechanics. After the tutorial, you can start playing the game as you please!

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An update for getting free spins and coins in Coin Master

The mechanics introduced in the game are quite enough to get started, however, we will provide more information about the games which are not covered in the tutorial.

In Coin Master, everything is about obtaining and spending coins. In this game, there are three ways through which a player can earn coins.

  1. By spinning the slot machine and earning coins.
  2. By attacking the bases of other players.
  3. By raiding the bases of other players.

When a player spins the slots machine, they get the chance to perform any of the three options above. On the other hand, there are several alternative ways to earn coins. We will discuss that soon.

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Slot Machine

In Coin Master, after opening the game, you will get the slot machine in the main menu. You can also swipe down for the village view, or else you can keep playing on the slot machine. In this game, the slot machine plays the main role, as it decides the fate of the players. When a player is expecting to raid someone’s base or attack a village to win some coins, the slot machine decides whether a player gets to do that or not. A player will spend more time on the slot machine, spinning, and performing the actions. 

Here are some alternative ways to get free spins and coins in Coin Master.

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