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The excitement of building villages and earning coins is just too entertaining. The game has free spins which provide different results with each spin.

Alternative Ways to get Free Spins And Coins

Apart from collecting daily free spin links, You can also get them using any of the alternative methods mentioned below.

Another great way to get free spins daily is Gift Links. Coin Master provides some gift links to its users or players.

All you need to do is login and you can find the free gift links on the social media platforms of the Coin Master.

You can also get gift links via email. These gifts are amazing and are very helpful in building and upgrading your village. 

Share with friends

This is one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to get the free spins in the Coin Master. You can ask a friend to grant you free spins. Connect the game with your Facebook account and you will know which of your friends play the Coin Master.

This way, you can ask for their help. Friends can send free spins to each other without spending a real penny. 

However, this method can only be used if you have less than 50 spins in your stock. This is comparatively a great deal because you do not have to wait for your spin count to get low. You can ask for help anytime. 

Card Set

Every time the Coin Master players complete a card set, they get rewards. To get more rewards, a player needs to complete more card sets. Even if the card you hold is rare, you will receive rewards.

These rewards can be in the form of free spins too. Make sure you collect cards, complete the sets, and get a chance to win free spins. 

Refer Friends

Playing a game is fun when you have friends with you, right? You can always ask a friend to start playing the Coin Master and the free rewards are yours.

Invite your friends to play the Coin Master game and you will receive free spins each time a friend of yours joins the game.

This is one of the best methods to get free spins and the stock of spins does not hamper the free spins you will get after adding more friends.

Isn’t it cool? So go ahead and start inviting your friends to the big coin game.


The Coin Master events are the greatest opportunity for the players to achieve amazing rewards. Those who participate in these events can also win free spins up to 50,000. That’s right, 50,000 free spins! There are a few events in the Coin Master that give huge rewards when a player completes them successfully. Even if you couldn’t win the 50,000 free spins, you can still get your hands on a bulk of free spins. Sometimes the Coin Master provides 200 spins links, 400 spins links, etc, where you can get the free spins. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the opportunity.

Viking Quest

Gold cards are one of the most appealing cards and every player wants to grab some. If you want to grab a Gold card and other rewards like Pet potions, Free Spins, or XP, then you should go for the Viking Quest. It gives an opportunity to the plays so that they can win free spins and win more coins. 

The Viking Quest has several stages and after completion of each stage, players get rewards. The only thing you should keep in mind is to have a huge stock of coins. Without coins, you cannot play the Viking Quest. In the event, you can win interesting awards and prizes. The free spins and coins are offered by the game itself.

Spins give multiple results on the slot machine-like Raids, Bag of Money, etc. These are the basics, but how much more do you know about the Coin Master?

Coin Master free spin FAQ

Find all answers for Coin Master free spin links below .

Where can I get free coin master spins?

Find all daily updated free spin links at Coin Master free spins article or using alternative method.

How do you get free spins on coin master 2021?

Visit this page daily and find free spins daily for 2021.

Coin Master provides random spins and coins daily. Sometimes rewards are 25 spins and sometimes it’s 400. Keep visiting this page for a surprise daily update reward link.

What are the rarest cards on coin master?


Jaguar, Satyr, Gnome House, Cheerful Chad, Holy Monk, Medusa,  Pink Eddy, Barrel Tank, Tall Tim, Santa Helper, SilverBack, Kettle, Toto, Sneaky, Genie, Farmer Feng, Smoking Pipe, Flamingo,  Phantom, and Nessie.


Evidence, Scarecrow, Mythical Tune, Fighting Monk, Mary Matlida, Kingsfoil, Excalibur, Santa, Fighting Fred, Magic Tree, Hobby Horse, EI, and Creaky Crow.


Martin Lettuce, Jelly Fish, Mighty Wizard, Little Lenya, Aztec Princess, Portly Pete, Elder Elk, Cleopatra, Santa Sled’s, Frida, Flamur the Flutist, Mythical Dome, Arm Strong, Fondue, and Torero.

How do I hide my village on coin master?

Enable “ghost mode” to hide your village on Coin Master.

Can you get unlimited spins in Coin master?

The simple answer is “No”. One can have unlimited free spins in Coin Master if you are the owner or the developer of the game or You just hacked Coin Master App.

How many levels are there on coin master?

There are 314 villages which are also called as levels on Coin Master. Find the complete list at Coin Master Villages article.

Does coin master give you real money?

No. Coin Master does not ive you real money.

How do you get the coin Master Cheat?

Find Coin Master tips and tricks here.

How can I get free coin master cards?

Buy and trade Chest for exchange of cards.

How do you stop someone from attacking you on coin master?

Use ghost mode or remove the person from friend list if someone is attacking your village on Coin Master.

How do I stop friends from attacking me on coin master?

  • Use ghost mode.
  • Protect attacks by using shields.
  • Use pet Rhino.
  • Ask your friends not to attack your village.

How do you hatch eggs on coin master?

Inorder to hatch any eggs on coin master, goto pet menu and hatch the egg you want.

How do you gift spins on coin master?

Share free spins with friends on Coin Master at “share spins”.

How do you get more pet food on coin master?

Unlock villages, Collect Rewards and chest for getting more chance to get pet food on coin master.

How do you get more balloons on coin master?

Events at coin master brings ballons on Coin Master.

How do you play coin master like a pro?

Collect Coins, Spins, Chest, Raid villages and follow tips and tips and tricks on Coin Master.

Let’s take a quick look at the game:

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a very popular iOS and Android-based gaming application. A straightforward game with strategy and thrill. It shouldn’t take long for the players to pick up with the technique and mechanics.

Games are always fun, refreshing, and entertaining to play. There are many games with exciting levels but the games with coins or money-making seem to be very attractive. One such fun game is Coin Master.

The game is simple and easy to understand: Just spin the slots machine to get results. The actions a player can perform in the Coin Master depends on the slot machine. 

All coin master free spin gratis works for Web version, for iOS and android device.

Here players spin slot machines in order to win coins, weapons, and shields. Players use these weapons to attack bases and raid villages built by other players.

In the attacks, players mostly destroy the already built homes, statues, farmlands, etc to win coins. Although, getting a shield in the slots machine is very helpful, as it reduces the effect of the attacks caused by other players.

In Coin Master, players can also raid villages and steal coins from the stashes of other players. Then they can use the coins to construct as well as upgrade their base’s structures, farms, etc. This is how players can build their own Viking village. 

The game has characters that travel through time and magical lands. The characters in the Coin Master build their villages in order to become the best Viking, Pirate, Hippie, King, or Warrior. 

By now, you know how amazingly easy and fun this game is. However, the story doesn’t end here. There are multiple ways through which you can optimize your play in this game and improve your experience. Here you will get to read a complete guide to Coin Master along with some tips and tricks.

These impeccable tricks will not only help you to accelerate your base building, but they will also help you to stash your coins and keep them safe from other players.

This guide to Coin Master will cover every small aspect of the game including the slot machine, actions, and of course the various ways to get free spins and win coins in this game.


There is no hack available for coin master as the game works only online and is server-sided. Don’t fall into the trap of coin master free spins hack without any survey or verification.

How to Level up without any cm hack?

Answer: Collect Coin Master free spins link today new and follow Coin Master tips and tricks.


The stars in the Coin Master are nowhere related to the free spins. Rather the stars give players a place on the leader board.

Every player gets a star and it shows the current rank of the players. The more stars a player has, the higher that player will get on the leader board.

A player can earn more stars by building villages and collecting cards. Upgrading your pet animals will also help you in earning more stars.

How to play Coin Master?

After installing Coin Master in your mobile phone, you can start playing the game either by logging in through Facebook or as a guest. Based on your selection, your name is displayed on the game as a player.

When you log in through Facebook, the program retrieves your Facebook name. When you play as a guest, you can manually input the desired name. You can also choose different avatars for your player role. 


Like every other game, Coin Master has some essentials and as a player, you might want to know everything, to win more coins and free spins. When the Coin Master begins, you will get a brief tutorial about the game that will introduce you to its basic mechanics. After the tutorial, you can start playing the game as you please!

The mechanics introduced in the game are quite enough to get started, however, we will provide more information about the games which are not covered in the tutorial.

In Coin Master, everything is about obtaining and spending coins. In this game, there are three ways through which a player can earn coins.

  1. By spinning the slot machine and earning coins.
  2. By attacking the bases of other players.
  3. By raiding the bases of other players.

When a player spins the slots machine, they get the chance to perform any of the three options above. On the other hand, there are several alternative ways to earn coins. We will discuss that soon.

Slot Machine

In Coin Master, after opening the game, you will get the slot machine in the main menu. You can also swipe down for the village view, or else you can keep playing on the slot machine. In this game, the slot machine plays the main role, as it decides the fate of the players. When a player is expecting to raid someone’s base or attack a village to win some coins, the slot machine decides whether a player gets to do that or not. A player will spend more time on the slot machine, spinning, and performing the actions. 


Spinning is fun, isn’t it? So much excitement and a little disappointment that you might get from spinning is just so much fun. 

When you spin the slot machine, it costs 1 spin at a time. Just below the slot machine, you will find the current number of spins left. This number decreases by 1 with each spin that you perform on the slot machine. A player gets a maximum of 50 spins and once you are out of spins, you will require to wait some time.

This waiting time is for regenerating the spins. Spins are generated each hour, which means every hour a player gets 5 spins until it reaches the maximum spins i.e. 50 spins. That means it will take 10 hours to provide 50 spins. It is better to wait and let spins refill to at least half before you start playing again.

A player can save or stock up to 50, 60 or even 70 spins. However, this also depends on the level you are playing. 

In the slot machine, there are three slots and three reels with five distinct symbols. If you manage to align all the same symbols in a row, then you can perform an action. Let’s see what these symbols are!

  • Bag of Coin
  • Hammers
  • Pig Bandits
  • Shields
  • Coins
  • Spin Capsules

There are specific rewards assigned to each of the symbols. When players get all the same symbols in a row, they can win the rewards. But what are the awards of each of these symbols? Let’s take a closer look.

Bag of Coins

As the name suggests, the bag of the coin gives you a lot of coins. When you spin and get a bag or pouch of coins, it means you have earned the highest amount of coins. However, how much coins you will get, depends on the basis of the number of villages you have. 

One interesting fact about the bag of coins is that you don’t need an entire row of bags of coins to earn a reward. Even if you get a single bag of coins, you will get a small reward, however, getting the entire row of the bag of coins can give a bigger payout. Also the wholesome is far more than 4 individual bags of coin.


When you spin and get 3 shields in a row, you get 1 shield as a reward. Shields protect your village from enemy attacks. Whenever other players attack your base, shield helps you lose fewer coins during those attacks. You can have up to 3 shields at once, that will protect your base from 3 attacks by the enemies. The shields defend your buildings from the attacks and don’t let the attacks hamper the star ratings. 

The same rule applies for when you are attacking other players who have a shield. However, in case the attack is prevented by a player, the attacker will still gain 50,000 coins. But in this case, the buildings won’t take any damage. Although, the shields are not effective to protect you from raids.


If you receive 3 coins in a row after spinning, that will give you more coins. Although, how many coins you will receive depends on which village-level you are playing. The higher number of village-level means more coins. With every level, village upgrades also increase.

Spin Capsules

When you get 3 spin capsules in a row, you get 3 more spins as a reward. It will also be multiple the number of maximum bets or other rewards.


The artwork of the game implies the hammer like Thor’s. When you receive 3 hammers in a row, it lets you attack other players and damage their village. If your Facebook account is linked with the Coin Master, then you can choose to attack a friend, otherwise a random player. 

When you get a hammer, a screen appears where the name of the other players. You can either choose that player’s village for the attack or take revenge by attacking those who have destroyed your village. Once you choose your opponent, the player’s village appears on your screen. Then you are asked to choose which of the buildings you want to attack. You can attack anything that appears on your screen. Attacking a building gives you coin rewards and also reduces the star level of the building that you have attacked.


The Pig Bandit is basically a grinning pig wearing a bandit mask. When you get 3 Pig Bandits in a row, it lets you raid your “Coin Master”. The Coin Master can be any player with the most coins.

A village or base of a player appears on your screen where you can raid. Above the slot machine, you can see the name and the image of your Coin Master, who is assigned as the raid target for you. Unlike with attacks, you cannot choose the target for the raid. 


The levels in the Coin Master consists of villages. Each village represents a level of the game. Your village number in the game is your rank. The game has its map where you can see the level you are playing on.

There are many different themes and scenarios of the villages in this game. In every village, there are 5 objects that a player requires to upgrade. You need to spend coins in order to upgrade the objects and there are 4 steps to upgrade each object.

Once the 4th step is completed, an object is upgraded completely. However, when someone attacks your village, they can damage these objects, if you don’t have a shield or Rhino pet activated. 

When an object is damaged by an attack, it requires a repair. The cost of the repair is half of the price of the previous upgrade. However, if the other players kept attacking your village and damage the same object again, then you need to pay the full price to upgrade the object again.


The attacking option allows you to damage the bases or villages of other players. You can destroy a friend’s village or any random player’s base.

Although, if other players have the shield, your attack can be blocked. In this case, you will get fewer coins as compared to a successful attack.

When it comes to attacking there are no specific strategies. However, attacking the players who have other burning objects in their village can increase the possibility of a successful attack and will win you more coins. This is because they likely to have no shield to safeguard their village from any attack.


The revenge option also comes when you get a hammer, where you can choose whether you want to attack those who have attacked and destroyed your village or attack randomly on any village. If your base has been attacked successfully by any player, you can strike back with the revenge opportunity. 

When you spin the slot machine and get a row full of hammers, an attack screen will appear. There you can see a random village, but if you pay attention to the screen, you will see a revenge option at the top of your screen. Choosing the revenge option will give you a list of players who have recently attacked your village. You can pick any of those who have destroyed your base and attack them. 


Raiding is another brilliant feature of the Coin Master. It gives you the option to raid and steal coins from other players. The player you raid is the Coin Master whose name is displayed on the top of the slot machine. Now the coin master can be any random friend, player or bot. The only condition is, the Coin Master has the most coins than any other player. 

When you raid the Coin Master’s village, you see 4 holes or points where coins and other stuff are possibly hidden. where you can dig and steal coins. The players get 3 shovels for digging 4 holes out of which 1 is empty or has a secret bonus chest. The rest of the 3 holes are filled with coins and 1 of them has more coins as compared to the other 2 holes. 

A Foxy pet can be used to steal more coins from other players. The only thing is, you need to feed it with treats so that it can be active. The Foxy pet is very helpful when you want to dig the 4th hole too. This makes the raid perfect and gives additional coins. 

At a single time, other players can only raid a small number of your coins. However, this also varies from player to player and depends on the stars and village level of the players. If a player has millions or billions of coins, then other players can raid their base and steal all the coins in just one go. So the game doesn’t allow players to bankrupt you in just one raid. 


Players can perform bettings if they have stockpiled a huge number of spins. As the players bet, with the increasing number of bettings, each spin of the slots machine spends several spins. This also increases your chances of winning big rewards, raids, and attacks. Bets also multiply the rewards that a player earns from spinning the slots machine.


Players can earn cards by opening up chests. They can also purchase chests using their coins. However, in some cases, when you raid other player’s village, you might find a chest in one of the holes that you dig.

In Coin Master, there are card collections with different themes. Each of the card collection contains nine cards. When the players collect all nine cards from a collection, they are rewarded with bonuses. Usually, the bonus includes free spins, pets, as well as a huge stream of coins. 

In Coin Master, there are three types of chests that you can purchase. More expensive chests contain more cards. On the other hand, the quality or the type of chests you can receive depends on the current village level of a player.

As the players reach higher village levels, there is a higher chance of getting some special cards from the chests. Cards like Gold Cards can be received by the players at a higher level. These Gold cards are much rarer as compared to the other cards. Once you are done collecting these cards, you are offered a much bigger reward after the completion. 

In the Coin Master, the card trading system is one of the most exciting mechanics. The game allows you to send up to 5 cards to your friends. These cards can be sent every day, and it is a great way to join the Coin Master forum and communities. Many of these forums and communities have dedicated card trading sections. This allows the players to strike the trading deals with other players of the game.

There are a variety of cards that players can draw from chests. The players are required to collect all the cards from each category. Here are the categories of the cards:

Plants, Halloween, Hot Rides, Vikings, Statues, Oz, Sweets, Creatures, Items, Beasts, Pets, and Bling Bling.


There are two ways through which a player can get chests. A player can purchase chests from the shop in exchange for coins. However, some might find chests randomly by digging holes during the raid.

These chests carry cards and when you find a chest, there is a possibility to find cards of up to 5-star quality level. However, more expensive chests that might have Gold cards have a greater chance of dropping cards of even higher quality. On the other hand, when you get higher level chests, there are lower chances of getting low-level chests. 

If a player wants to complete a card collection and is looking for cards of up to 3-star, then you can spend coins on the lower level chests. Apart from this, when you get chests, you can also receive other kinds of stuff like Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or even bonus spins. Receiving these are added to a player’s inventory and it doesn’t even affect the probability of card dropping. How cool is that?


There are so many different types of chests and these chests drop types of cards. There are a variety of cards which have different village levels. This means some particular cards are received when a player completes or crosses a particular level.

There is a higher chance of drawing a specific rare card. However, which card you will draw completely depends on the chest which you are opening. Out of other chests, the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s chests have a higher chance of dropping the Joker card.

The Wooden, Golden, and Magical chests are available from Village level 3 which draws a total of 2, 4, and 8 cards respectively. The Small Lucky Chest is available from the village level 4 and draws a total of 6 cards. The Small Easter Chest is available at Village 10 and draws 6 cards whereas the Big Easter Chest is available at village level 20 with a total of 8 cards. Along with this, the Emerald Chest is also available at village level 20 and has 4 cards.

On the other hand, the Big Lucky Chest and Valentine’s Chest are available at village level 30 with 6 cards. The Viking Chest and the Sapphire Chest are available at village level 40, whereas the Fortune Chest is available at village 100. The Ruby Chest at village 110 and finally the Epic Chest is available at the village level 130.

Only Mystery chests and Valentine Chests have a probability to drop Pet Snacks. On the other hand, chests like Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby have fixed probabilities. This means these cards will surely give Bonus Spins.

Joker card

This is an ultra-rare card in the game of Coin Master. Players can earn this card by participating in the events of the game as well as by unlocking the Mystery chests. An interesting fact about the Joker card is that it can transform into any other card. However, that depends on the players. Even if you want to transform the Joker card into a Gold card, you can do that too. Although the Joker cards have a time limit and a player is required to use them before they expire. 


Coin Master is the game of adorable and loyal animals. These animals are there to accompany the players during the raids and attacks. These little creatures also offer to give cool bonuses that will help the players to become a Coin Master. In the game’s menu, you can access the pet screen and hatch the pet animals. You can also find the location of the pets by tapping on the Egg that is exactly beneath the slots machine.

All you need to do is tap on the egg and your pet will be activated. After the activation, your pet will give you their bonus and this will continue for the next 4 hours. Once the timeline is expired, your pet will fall asleep. This means the players can only take the advantages of the bonus for a particular period. After the completion of 4 hours, the players cannot enjoy the bonus and other effects of their pet animals. 

Another thing about the pets is that you can always speed up their recovery period. In order to do that, feed your pet with treats. Apart from this, you can always spend real money if you want to get the food right away. But not just the food, but you can also spin the slot machine to get the treats alongside the typical reward that you earn from spinning.

Players can give XP potions to their pets to increase the effects granted by the pets. Just like the treats, there is a chance of XP potions to be dropped with the spins in the slots machine.

Let’s learn a little more about pet animals.


When you attack another player’s base or village, you earn some coins. A tiger can boost the number of coins. With the increasing levels, the tiger keeps increasing the coin boosts.


Once the Creatures Card Collection is completed, players can unlock the Rhino. This pet is very helpful during the attacks on the village. An active Rhino has a chance of blocking the attacks by the enemies.

It works as a pet shield, and it is very useful when you are out of shields. You can also level up the Rhino with the XP potions. This increases the chances of the Rhino to successfully defend an enemy attack.

However, when a player is at a base level, the Rhino has just a 10% chance of preventing the village from an enemy attack.


Foxy is the very first pet that a player can unlock in the Village level 4 of the Coin Master. It is a valuable and helpful little creature that will help the players later in the game too. When you raid someone’s base, you get only 3 shovels and 4 holes. Foxy acts as the 4th shovel and digs up the extra hole. This not only grants a perfect raid but gives one more chance to find more coins or even a chest. 

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use while playing the Coin Master and win more coins.

  • A player can send 5 cards per day, but if you want to send more than 5 cards, you can simply change the date settings 24 hours forward. 
  • You can use a pet, feed it, and when you are done playing, simply select a different pet. This will not only stop the timer of the pet and keep it active but will also let you use the other pet whenever you want. 
  • You can join Facebook groups where many players give away free rare cards. It is an opportunity that you don’t wanna miss. You can also trade for new rare cards and complete your collection. 
  • If you want to win the game and score big then you should play the game every 2 to 3 hours. When you do this, your stock will be half empty, which means you won’t miss the opportunity to win free spins. This will also help you to utilize your coin stock and save you from a potential raid. 
  • When you spin, try to learn the patterns of the slots machine. Don’t give away all the 50 spins in one go. When you use all of your spins, you might realize that you have lost more spins that you win. It is better to wait for some time.
  • You can look up at the last card in the chest and count the stars it has. If you see 1 or 2 stars then buy a Wooden chest. However, if you see 3 stars they go for the Gold chest. If you see 4 or 5 stars then buy a Magical chest. By trying this trick, you can win more new cards.
  • Players can start the process by buying Wooden chests and can repeat doing the same until the last card has 3 or more stars on it. Once this objective is reached, players can move to the Golden chest and then continue buying until the last card has 4 stars on it. After this, the players can start buying the Magical chests until they get the last Golden card. This is a step that the players can start over and repeat. 
  • Players can buy 20 chests of each type. This will help them complete their card collection quickly.
  • A player can upgrade village objects and buy chests at the same level. For this, you need to build village objects until 2 stars each, after which you can buy chests. This will help you save time and you can win more rewards this way.

Don’t Hoard Coins

There is a higher chance of raid at your base or village if you have been hoarding a large portion of your coins. When you raid or attack someone else’s village, you win a lot of coins.

Apart from that, there are bags of coins and other ways through which a player can earn coins. However, hoarding these coins can make you vulnerable to potential raids.

Instead of hoarding, you should always spend coins on upgrading your village or buying stuff. Spend when you can afford it. This tip is very helpful especially when you are out of shields.

Storing a bulk of coins can make you an easy target for your enemies and they can raid you. If a big raid is successful, it can end with the raider player walking out of your den, stealing millions of your coins. 

Big Raids

Undoubtedly, spinning is very tempting. When you get a higher amount of spins, it makes you want to raise your bet. Of course, it will also multiply the number of coins you have. However, as a strategic player, you might want to save your spins so that you can raid extremely rich players. This way you can steal millions from their pocket. 

When you get 3 Pig Bandits in a row after the spinning, you get to raid the Coin Master. Just above the slots machine, you can see the Coin Master’s name, image, and the current coin store status. Save your bets so that you can raid the Coin Masters and win millions of coins. If you get a Foxy, you must feed it and keep it well equipped before heading to raid another player’s village. Foxy is an active pet and acts as a shovel to dig the hidden chests and coins. This increases your chances for a perfect raid and helps you win more coins. 

Buy chests

In every level, a player gets a village and is required to upgrade the village in order to reach the next level. When you get individual cards, they might not come handy or offer any bonuses.

However, when a card collection is completed, you get rewards like spins. So when you enter into a new village and want to set up your base, you should purchase chests. The more chests you will buy, the more cards you will win. So you can try buying as many as chests depending on the coins you have. 

Why do you need to buy chests from the initial level? This is because it becomes more difficult to obtain the lower level cards as a player reaches the upper village levels. This is why buying chests in the lower level can help you complete your collection.

Use Pet Bonus

Once you have activated a pet, its boosting effect is only available for the next 4 hours. Sometimes players run out of the spins and by the time the spins are regenerated, the pet sleeps. If you don’t play for the next 4 hours, you should always save activating your pet. 

The same logic applies to the Rhino also. If your base is already under the protection of a shield, the Rhino cannot defend it. Wait for the right time to send your Rhino and make the best use of the time. 

Perfect Raid

One of the most appealing tricks or strategies for raiding others bases is the Two-finger trick. Usually, when you raid, there are 4 holes and 3 shovels but what if you want to dig all 4 of them. If you want to dig 2 holes and you know that both of them have coins then what should you do?

You can tap on the 2 remaining holes exactly at the same time and then hold for a second. This will help you dig the coins and will make your raid perfect. But you need to be precise to do that. Place fingers in level with each other and tap as fast as you can. Being slow here can delay response and jeopardize your perfect raid.

Village Master

With each level, players get a new village and need to upgrade their objects. When you upgrade an object, a star is added to your progress. Upgrading and completing a village will also give you great rewards along with stars. These rewards can be spins, XPS, pet food, or coins. In the initial stage of the game, a player can get rewards in the form of free spins or coins. Although, as you move forward, the difficulty level of the villages also increases but there are also promising rewards waiting for the players. 


The video ad technique is used in many games to provide bonuses and prizes to the player. This is one of the easiest ways to get free spins. If you are out of free spins and do not want to spend real money to get more spins, you can always use this option. All you need to do is to watch a short ad video in the Coin Master game. Usually, these videos are short and can last up to 1 minute. Watching the ad video will bestow you up to 5 spins. 

The only condition here is, a player can only watch a video ad if less than 10 spins are left in the stock. When you complete watching each video ad, you will receive only one free spin. The more videos you will watch, the more free spins you will get until the stock count is 10.

Free Spin validity

The daily free spins you receive are valid just for the next 3 days. This means a player cannot wait too long to open them and needs to use the free spins before the validity ends. If you visit a website that has free spin links, use them before they expire. 


Coin Master free spins provide links that are available on Facebook pages and other social media platforms. You need to visit these links regularly in order to collect the free spins. You can also enlist your name on other websites for free links. 

There are some other websites too where you can also collect coin master free spins and coins like hakuts blogspot, levvvel, kuldeep, zdarma, a2zhelp, Reddit posts, rezortricks, etc.

So, Coin Master is one of the most amazing, energetic, and game filled with strategies. Enjoy playing the game and build your empire. Adios.

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  1. Thank you brother for sharing coin master free spin link daily. I visit this page daily from last 3 months and this is my favourite bookmark page as I love Coin Master alot.


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