Coin Master Pets [Tiger, Rhino & Foxy]

Coin Master is the game of adorable and loyal animals. These animals are there to accompany the players during the raids and attacks. These little creatures also offer to give cool bonuses that will help the players to become a Coin Master. In the game’s menu, you can access the pet screen and hatch the pet animals. You can also find the location of the pets by tapping on the Egg that is exactly beneath the slots machine.

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All you need to do is tap on the egg and your pet will be activated. After the activation, your pet will give you their bonus and this will continue for the next 4 hours. Once the timeline is expired, your pet will fall asleep. This means the players can only take the advantage of the bonus for a particular period. After the completion of 4 hours, the players cannot enjoy the bonus and other effects of their pet animals. 

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Another thing about the pets is that you can always speed up their recovery period. In order to do that, feed your pet with treats. Apart from this, you can always spend real money if you want to get the food right away. But not just the food, but you can also spin the slot machine to get the treats alongside the typical reward that you earn from spinning.

Players can give XP potions to their pets to increase the effects granted by the pets. Just like the treats, there is a chance of XP potions to be dropped with the spins in the slots machine.

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When you attack another player’s base or village, you earn some coins. A tiger can boost the number of coins. With the increasing levels, the tiger keeps increasing the coin boosts.


Once the Creatures Card Collection is completed, players can unlock the Rhino. This pet is very helpful during the attacks on the village. An active Rhino has a chance of blocking the attacks by the enemies.

It works as a pet shield, and it is very useful when you are out of shields. You can also level up the Rhino with the XP potions. This increases the chances of the Rhino to successfully defend an enemy attack.

However, when a player is at a base level, the Rhino has just a 10% chance of preventing the village from an enemy attack.


Foxy is the very first pet that a player can unlock in the Village level 4 of the Coin Master. It is a valuable and helpful little creature that will help the players later in the game too. When you raid someone’s base, you get only 3 shovels and 4 holes. Foxy acts as the 4th shovel and digs up the extra hole. This not only grants a perfect raid but gives one more chance to find more coins or even a chest. 

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