What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a very popular iOS and Android-based gaming application. A straightforward game with strategy and thrill. It shouldn’t take long for the players to pick up with the technique and mechanics.

Games are always fun, refreshing, and entertaining to play. There are many games with exciting levels but the games with coins or money-making seem to be very attractive. One such fun game is Coin Master.

The game is simple and easy to understand: Just spin the slots machine to get results. The actions a player can perform in the Coin Master depends on the slot machine. 

All coin master free spin gratis works for Web version, for iOS and android device.

Here players spin slot machines in order to win coins, weapons, and shields. Players use these weapons to attack bases and raid villages built by other players.

In the attacks, players mostly destroy the already built homes, statues, farmlands, etc to win coins. Although, getting a shield in the slots machine is very helpful, as it reduces the effect of the attacks caused by other players.

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In Coin Master, players can also raid villages and steal coins from the stashes of other players. Then they can use the coins to construct as well as upgrade their base’s structures, farms, etc. This is how players can build their own Viking village. 

The game has characters that travel through time and magical lands. The characters in the Coin Master build their villages in order to become the best Viking, Pirate, Hippie, King, or Warrior. 

By now, you know how amazingly easy and fun this game is. However, the story doesn’t end here. There are multiple ways through which you can optimize your play in this game and improve your experience. Here you will get to read a complete guide to Coin Master along with some tips and tricks.

These impeccable tricks will not only help you to accelerate your base building, but they will also help you to stash your coins and keep them safe from other players.

This guide to Coin Master will cover every small aspect of the game including the slot machine, actions, and of course the various ways to get free spins and win coins in this game.

How to play Coin Master?

After installing Coin Master in your mobile phone, you can start playing the game either by logging in through Facebook or as a guest. Based on your selection, your name is displayed on the game as a player.

When you log in through Facebook, the program retrieves your Facebook name. When you play as a guest, you can manually input the desired name. You can also choose different avatars for your player role. 


There is no hack available for coin master as the game works only online and is server-sided. Don’t fall into the trap of coin master free spins hack without any survey or verification.

How to Level up without any cm hack?

Answer: Collect Coin Master free spins link today new and follow Coin Master tips and tricks.


The stars in the Coin Master are nowhere related to the free spins. Rather the stars give players a place on the leader board.

Every player gets a star and it shows the current rank of the players. The more stars a player has, the higher that player will get on the leader board.

A player can earn more stars by building villages and collecting cards. Upgrading your pet animals will also help you in earning more stars.


The levels in the Coin Master consists of villages. Each village represents a level of the game. Your village number in the game is your rank. The game has its map where you can see the level you are playing on.

There are many different themes and scenarios of the villages in this game. In every village, there are 5 objects that a player requires to upgrade. You need to spend coins in order to upgrade the objects and there are 4 steps to upgrade each object.

Once the 4th step is completed, an object is upgraded completely. However, when someone attacks your village, they can damage these objects, if you don’t have a shield or Rhino pet activated. 

When an object is damaged by an attack, it requires a repair. The cost of the repair is half of the price of the previous upgrade. However, if the other players kept attacking your village and damage the same object again, then you need to pay the full price to upgrade the object again.


The attacking option allows you to damage the bases or villages of other players. You can destroy a friend’s village or any random player’s base.

Although, if other players have the shield, your attack can be blocked. In this case, you will get fewer coins as compared to a successful attack.

When it comes to attacking there are no specific strategies. However, attacking the players who have other burning objects in their village can increase the possibility of a successful attack and will win you more coins. This is because they likely to have no shield to safeguard their village from any attack.


The revenge option also comes when you get a hammer, where you can choose whether you want to attack those who have attacked and destroyed your village or attack randomly on any village. If your base has been attacked successfully by any player, you can strike back with the revenge opportunity. 

When you spin the slot machine and get a row full of hammers, an attack screen will appear. There you can see a random village, but if you pay attention to the screen, you will see a revenge option at the top of your screen. Choosing the revenge option will give you a list of players who have recently attacked your village. You can pick any of those who have destroyed your base and attack them. 


Raiding is another brilliant feature of the Coin Master. It gives you the option to raid and steal coins from other players. The player you raid is the Coin Master whose name is displayed on the top of the slot machine. Now the coin master can be any random friend, player or bot. The only condition is, the Coin Master has the most coins than any other player. 

When you raid the Coin Master’s village, you see 4 holes or points where coins and other stuff are possibly hidden. where you can dig and steal coins. The players get 3 shovels for digging 4 holes out of which 1 is empty or has a secret bonus chest. The rest of the 3 holes are filled with coins and 1 of them has more coins as compared to the other 2 holes. 

A Foxy pet can be used to steal more coins from other players. The only thing is, you need to feed it with treats so that it can be active. The Foxy pet is very helpful when you want to dig the 4th hole too. This makes the raid perfect and gives additional coins. 

At a single time, other players can only raid a small number of your coins. However, this also varies from player to player and depends on the stars and village level of the players. If a player has millions or billions of coins, then other players can raid their base and steal all the coins in just one go. So the game doesn’t allow players to bankrupt you in just one raid. 


Players can perform bettings if they have stockpiled a huge number of spins. As the players bet, with the increasing number of bettings, each spin of the slots machine spends several spins. This also increases your chances of winning big rewards, raids, and attacks. Bets also multiply the rewards that a player earns from spinning the slots machine.


Players can earn cards by opening up chests. They can also purchase chests using their coins. However, in some cases, when you raid other player’s village, you might find a chest in one of the holes that you dig.

In Coin Master, there are card collections with different themes. Each of the card collection contains nine cards. When the players collect all nine cards from a collection, they are rewarded with bonuses. Usually, the bonus includes free spins, pets, as well as a huge stream of coins. 

In Coin Master, there are three types of chests that you can purchase. More expensive chests contain more cards. On the other hand, the quality or the type of chests you can receive depends on the current village level of a player.

As the players reach higher village levels, there is a higher chance of getting some special cards from the chests. Cards like Gold Cards can be received by the players at a higher level. These Gold cards are much rarer as compared to the other cards. Once you are done collecting these cards, you are offered a much bigger reward after the completion. 

In the Coin Master, the card trading system is one of the most exciting mechanics. The game allows you to send up to 5 cards to your friends. These cards can be sent every day, and it is a great way to join the Coin Master forum and communities. Many of these forums and communities have dedicated card trading sections. This allows the players to strike the trading deals with other players of the game.

There are a variety of cards that players can draw from chests. The players are required to collect all the cards from each category. Here are the categories of the cards:

Plants, Halloween, Hot Rides, Vikings, Statues, Oz, Sweets, Creatures, Items, Beasts, Pets, and Bling Bling.


There are two ways through which a player can get chests. A player can purchase chests from the shop in exchange for coins. However, some might find chests randomly by digging holes during the raid.

These chests carry cards and when you find a chest, there is a possibility to find cards of up to 5-star quality level. However, more expensive chests that might have Gold cards have a greater chance of dropping cards of even higher quality. On the other hand, when you get higher-level chests, there are lower chances of getting low-level chests. Some Coin Master essentials are necessary for the game.

If a player wants to complete a card collection and is looking for cards of up to 3-star, then you can spend coins on the lower level chests. Apart from this, when you get chests, you can also receive other kinds of stuff like Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or even bonus spins. Receiving these are added to a player’s inventory and it doesn’t even affect the probability of card dropping. How cool is that?

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