Coin Master Spinning Tips

Spinning is fun, isn’t it? So much excitement and a little disappointment that you might get from spinning is just so much fun. 

When you spin the slot machine, it costs 1 spin at a time. Just below the slot machine, you will find the current number of spins left. This number decreases by 1 with each spin that you perform on the slot machine. A player gets a maximum of 50 spins and once you are out of spins, you will require to wait sometime.

This waiting time is for regenerating the spins. Spins are generated each hour, which means every hour a player gets 5 spins until it reaches the maximum spins i.e. 50 spins. That means it will take 10 hours to provide 50 spins. It is better to wait and let spins refill to at least half before you start playing again.

A player can save or stock up to 50, 60 or even 70 spins. However, this also depends on the level you are playing. 

In the slot machine, there are three slots and three reels with five distinct symbols. If you manage to align all the same symbols in a row, then you can perform an action. Let’s see what these symbols are!

  • Bag of Coin
  • Hammers
  • Pig Bandits
  • Shields
  • Coins
  • Spin Capsules

There are specific rewards assigned to each of the symbols. When players get all the same symbols in a row, they can win the rewards. But what are the awards of each of these symbols? Let’s take a closer look.

Bag of Coins

As the name suggests, the bag of the coin gives you a lot of coins. When you spin and get a bag or pouch of coins, it means you have earned the highest amount of coins. However, how much coins you will get, depends on the basis of the number of villages you have. 

One interesting fact about the bag of coins is that you don’t need an entire row of bags of coins to earn a reward. Even if you get a single bag of coins, you will get a small reward, however, getting the entire row of the bag of coins can give a bigger payout. Also the wholesome is far more than 4 individual bags of coin.

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When you spin and get 3 shields in a row, you get 1 shield as a reward. Shields protect your village from enemy attacks. Whenever other players attack your base, shield helps you lose fewer coins during those attacks. You can have up to 3 shields at once, that will protect your base from 3 attacks by the enemies. The shields defend your buildings from the attacks and don’t let the attacks hamper the star ratings. 

The same rule applies for when you are attacking other players who have a shield. However, in case the attack is prevented by a player, the attacker will still gain 50,000 coins. But in this case, the buildings won’t take any damage. Although, the shields are not effective to protect you from raids.


If you receive 3 coins in a row after spinning, that will give you more coins. Although, how many coins you will receive depends on which village-level you are playing. The higher number of village-level means more coins. With every level, village upgrades also increase.

Spin Capsules

When you get 3 spin capsules in a row, you get 3 more spins as a reward. It will also be multiple the number of maximum bets or other rewards.


The artwork of the game implies the hammer like Thor’s. When you receive 3 hammers in a row, it lets you attack other players and damage their village. If your Facebook account is linked with the Coin Master, then you can choose to attack a friend, otherwise a random player. 

When you get a hammer, a screen appears where the name of the other players. You can either choose that player’s village for the attack or take revenge by attacking those who have destroyed your village. Once you choose your opponent, the player’s village appears on your screen. Then you are asked to choose which of the buildings you want to attack. You can attack anything that appears on your screen. Attacking a building gives you coin rewards and also reduces the star level of the building that you have attacked.


The Pig Bandit is basically a grinning pig wearing a bandit mask. When you get 3 Pig Bandits in a row, it lets you raid your “Coin Master”. The Coin Master can be any player with the most coins.

A village or base of a player appears on your screen where you can raid. Above the slot machine, you can see the name and the image of your Coin Master, who is assigned as the raid target for you. Unlike with attacks, you cannot choose the target for the raid. 

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