Roblox Monster Hunting Simulator Codes – Updated

A lot of people are addicted to the Roblox Monster Hunting Simulator game. Players play as monster hunters, tracking down and claiming the most dangerous creatures as prey and upgrading items to take down even bigger and badder beasts.

When you first dived into this fantastical world, you were likely looking for active codes that would enable you to redeem some incredible rewards. The active codes listed below are redeemable for pets, coins, gems, and experience boosts.

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Active Monster Hunting Simulator Codes

Roblox Monster Hunting Simulator Codes - Updated

Following are the active working codes for Roblox Monster Hunting Simulator:

  • STARTXP: With this code, you get a double pet experience boost for two hours
  • 500C: With this code, you get 500 coins
  • TWITTERPET: With this code, you get get the Twitter bird as a pet
  • GamingDan: With this code, you get 2,000 gems

These are the only active working codes for Monster Hunting Simulator.

These are all the active working Monster Hunting Simulator Codes. We are not listing the inactive codes as they are not necessary. We also remove the codes which are not working, so, if you find any code not working, comment below, we’ll remove the code.

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How to Redeem Monster Hunting Simulator Codes?

It is quite easy to redeem the monster hunting simulator codes in Roblox. Follow the steps given below:

  • Check for the blue Twitter icon in Roblox Monster Hunting Simulator
  • Click on that icon, you’ll see an option saying “Enter Codes Here”
  • Enter the code you got from iThawt and Click on Redeem to redeem the promo code.

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