Ghost Simulator Codes Roblox

You can find in-game items like hoverboards, pets, and more by redeeming Ghost Simulator codes so you can defeat bosses, complete quests, and unlock the store.

There are monsters, however… that can speak to you in Roblox Ghost Simulator. With Roblox Ghost Simulator, you are faced with the task of helping them move on from life. You will need to use a variety of items in order to defeat dead bosses. Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes help you get a variety of in-game items.

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It’s your job to stop ghosts in Roblox Ghost Simulator. Grab the ghosts that you’ve captured and upgrade your equipment to make it better. Unlock pets and hoverboards along the way to assist you along your journey through exploring new biomes.

Active Ghost Simulator Codes (Roblox)

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes
Ghost Simulator Codes

Following are the active working codes for Roblox Ghost Simulator:

  1. 100M: With this code, you get Free Pet
  2. PLAY: With this code, you get The cosmic hand pet
  3. TOYS: With this code, you get Lava Java pet
  4. SPAC3: With this code, you get Dave pet
  5. THEEND: With this code, you get Gears and The End hoverboard (must be in a group)
  6. 1YEAR: With this code, you get one-year bah (BloxByte Games Group only)
  7. R1FT: With this code, you get Purple Pegasus pet
  8. 2YEARS: With this code, you get Godly pet (BloxByte Games Group only)
  9. FIREFLY: With this code, you get Firefly pet
  10. WINTER: With this code, you get Starfly Pet

These are all the active working Ghost Simulator Codes. We are not listing the inactive codes as they are not necessary. We also remove the codes which are not working, so, if you find any code not working, comment below, we’ll remove the code.

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How to redeem Ghost Simulator Codes?

It is quite easy to redeem the ghost simulator codes in Roblox. Follow the steps given below:

  • Check for the blue Twitter icon in Roblox Ghost Simulator
  • Click on that icon, you’ll see an option saying “Enter Codes Here”
  • Enter the code you got from iThawt and Click on Redeem to redeem the promo code.

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