Best Way to Fix 0xc000000f Error on Windows PC

Who likes errors? No one! There are many issues faced by Windows Users. One of the most common ones is the 0xc000000f error which is one of the most frequent errors in Windows. While playing games like Roblox, errors like Error code 267 and 277 happen, check their solutions, too.

Here, in this article, we are providing you the quick fix to solve this error. Make sure you read till the end.

What is the 0xc000000f error all about?

Before going to the solution part, we have to understand what this error is all about why does it come on Windows.

This error comes because the boot manager is facing some issues in locating the files on your PC which are related to booting.

Another reason might be a Hardware issue, which means your Hard Disk is not connected to the Motherboard properly or there’s some fault in the Hard Disk Cable. Click here for more information.

This is the simplest way of explaining this error. If it’s too technical for you then skip to the part of the solutions right away.

Solutions for 0xc000000f Error in Windows

Follow the steps given below to make sure you don’t get this error on Windows:

  • Remove External Devices – Remove Devices like USB, CD, External HDD/SSD, etc.
  • Use Startup Repair to Repair the BOOTMGR file (Boot Manager)
  • Use the Windows Boot Disk to repair and restore the files properly
  • Remove the cables connected to the HDD, clean them, now reconnect the HDD.
  • Check your BIOS
  • Check your drivers (Always update your drivers)
  • Finally, Check your Disk with CHKDSK

That’s all!


Through this guide, we helped you solve the 0xc000000f error on windows. This will definitely help you run your Windows PC without any other issues.

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