– Acquired by iThawt, a blog that publishes (used to publish) information related to various topics, has been acquired by, a blog that publishes information about games and gaming topics like Coin Master, Minecraft, Roblox, and more. iThawt will now handle the business of

BluePortal is a website that was founded in 2021 by Lewis. The website publishes information on a variety of topics but has a particular focus on gaming news, reviews, and guides.

In January of 2022, BluePortal was acquired by, a website that specializes in publishing gaming-related content. By the end of April 2022, all the links on will be redirected to this page.

What this means for the future of BluePortal

The acquisition of BluePortal by means that the site will now be redirected to It is also worth noting that is a considerably larger website than BluePortal, and thus has the resources to produce more content more frequently.

As such, BluePortal is likely to face increased competition from its rivals in terms of quality and quantity of content released.

No content will be published on BluePortal and will continue publishing gaming content.

The acquisition of BluePortal by means that the latter organization now has a significant presence within the gaming blogosphere.

This could give it an edge over its rivals in terms of quality and quantity of content released frequently – something that is essential for any successful website in this industry

What type of content does iThawt publish? publishes a variety of content related to various topics. Some of them are as follows:

We are fully dedicated to the gaming community.

Final Words

BluePortal has been acquired by This acquisition will provide with a dedicated blog about gaming, as well as access to BluePortal’s wide range of content.

This move will give a more comprehensive platform from which to deliver content to its audience.

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