Best Skater XL Mods

In Skater XL for PC, you can modify the game to make it more fun. Messages have been posted from its release that has attracted a large community that enjoys making content for the game, so you get even more than you paid for when you install mods. In this article, I’ll share a few of the best mods to incorporate into your game.

XLShred Menu and Unity Mod Manager are necessary to add these to your game. You will need to install these before being able to use those extras. The process is explained in a few YouTube tutorials to follow along if you need help.

Best Skater XL Mods

Best Skater XL mods
Best Skater XL mods

Stats Menu

Skater XL requires a mod to include the stats menu, as Session has an in-built stats menu that lets you change many game factors. With the XLShred loader, it is possible to change settings that are normally fixed, such as gravity strength, flip zoom, push zoom, and pop (ollie) height.

You can do some outrageous tricks with these settings tweaked even though this is intended to be a realistic skating simulator! The sliders can be confusing for newbies, so there are presets and default settings available as well. The last thing you want is for your skater to become unable to perform a Treflip again after moonwalking!

Rumble Mod

This mod will make your board vibrate when you land on it as you land on it, which some players don’t like. Essentially, you get a feeling of accomplishment when you land a trick (but not in a humorous way).

This is similar to installing a rumble pack on a Gameboy Advance since the game doesn’t come with it naturally.

Customized Parks

In spite of being a mod, we would argue that custom parks are essential to Skater XL. The community adds maps of Disney, Applewood Park, Slam City Jam, and Vans Huntington Beach — and the list goes on. You can even play in the Maloof Money Cup in Skate 3! Skate parks and real-world settings make it a much more realistic skating simulation, so we recommend installing only this mod.

If you cannot find the map you want on, chances are it can be found at the Discord channel of the mod community.

Skin Editor

You no longer need to fiddle around with shared assets as the Skate Skin Editor lets you change the textures on skater clothing. On-the-fly modifications and textures can be categorized so you don’t lose track of them. Aside from your clothing, you also have the option of customizing your board.

In addition, the editor included new hat variants, including a ski mask, a five-panel hat, beanies, and gloves… It’s hard to not like beanies, aren’t they adorable?

Final Words

There are all of the best Skater XL mods you need to play the game in a better way. Hope you liked the mods.

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