Best Gaming Glasses to reduce eye-strain

During prolonged gaming sessions, monitors and chairs are crucial for ergonomics and will ensure you don’t strain your body. Even if a gaming monitor and color profile are influential on how tired your eyes get after prolonged screen time, a good pair of gaming glasses will protect you from blue light and help you sleep better at night. You may feel uncomfortable after spending time on a computer, tablet, e-reader, or cell phone for an extended period of time.

The condition is known as computer vision syndrome. Over the years, many gamers have experienced blur, headaches, eye strain, dry eye, as well as neck and back strains. In order to preserve their eye strength during long tournaments, professional players prefer wearing gaming glasses. In addition to yellow-tinted lenses, some gaming glasses come with clear lenses that block blue light as well.

Top 5 Best Gaming Glasses in 2021

The Gaming Glasses added below are added with utmost research and reviews. We checked every product thoroughly before adding it to this list. Check the list for the best gaming glasses below.

#1 GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming Glasses

  • Cool Design
  • Scratch Resistant Design
  • GUNNAR Focus Magnifying
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry

These Gaming glasses are produced by Gunnar, a global leader. A lightweight aluminum-magnesium frame makes up GUNNER Razer RPG Gaming glasses.

A comfortable fit is achieved with adjustable nose pads. They are coated with antireflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, UV (ultraviolet) light-blocking, and their amber lenses provide 65 blue light protection factors.

Gaming is a world where you can’t avoid stumbling upon Razer. However, its entry into the glasses market sparked a collaboration between two giants, even though the company prefers to get involved in every step of the production and supply chain.

With the RPG gaming glasses from Razer and GUNNAR, they bring together the best features of both manufacturers. Featuring Razer’s iconic design and Gunnar’s most advanced lens technology, the glasses have an iconic look. In addition, to providing full UV protection, the lenses in these glasses are capable of blocking 65 percent of blue light from any source.

They have a very subtle magnifying lens, which they call “GUNNAR Focus”. They can also be ordered with a prescription if needed.

There is only a tiny amount of magnification, which may be appreciated by some. You can get them with a prescription.

A con of the frame is that it only comes in one eye size, 62 mm. Some people might not be satisfied with the small amount of magnification available in these lenses.

#2 GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Glasses

  • FDA Registered
  • Easy to Use
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV400 Elimination

People with prescription glasses will know how tough it can be to get a second pair or even sunglasses since they will need to carry two cases while on the road. When it comes to keeping things simple and avoiding a crowded bag, clip-ons will be the best option.

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Clip-on glasses from GAME KING have the same anti-reflective coating the company uses on its regular glasses, and they block out up to 85 percent of blue light. Additionally, they eliminate UV400 waves completely.

As a whole, they weigh only 12 grams. That means the clip-ons weigh the same as the frames you already have. Also, the lenses have an anti-fog coating, as well as scratch, stain, and oil resistance coatings, which ensures that they remain sturdy no matter what nature throws at them.

Since you can freely rotate clip-ons underwater, they’re also easier to clean than full-sized frames. The company’s Ultra clip-ons feature a modern, clip-on system with less weight and four grams less weight than GAMEKING’s Clip-ons.

#3 GUNNAR Sheadog Gaming Glasses

  • Cool Design
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry

In the early days of gaming glasses, GUNNAR’s designs and marketing contributed to the popularity of spectacles. You can use collaboration models like MLG with the company, which has remained a leading brand.

In their Sheadog gaming glasses, GUNNAR uses a highly successful glass formula with a stylish and light frame. With 100% UV protection, the yellow lenses of these glasses block 65% of blue light. With their 0.20 magnification power and anti-reflective coating, they are patented.

Because they are so light, you might not even notice you are wearing them. Those with larger heads will also benefit from the ergonomic design of the Sheadog, and the temples enable finer adjustment.

In order to adjust your frame safely, a professional use heating tools to do the job at an optical store if you are not comfortable adjusting your frame yourself.

#4 Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

  • Computer Glasses
  • UV400 Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Glare Reduction

Spending a lot of money on something you’ve never used before may not be alluring. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of the high-end gaming glasses on this list, you might find wearing glasses while gaming uncomfortable if you’ve never done it before.

In terms of price/performance ratio, Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses are one of the best gaming glasses available. The only thing it lacks is the quality of its frame because it is made of TR90 nylon. Overall, you get quite a bit for your money considering the features you get.

The lenses have a 53mm length, an amber tint, and are anti-reflective coated. In addition to UV400 protection, the non-polarized lenses reduce overall glare. This frame is more adjustable as well because of its nylon/plastic frame, meaning it can be customized for your head easily, despite its lower overall quality.

#5 J+S Vision Computer & Gaming Glasses

  • Multiple Frame Options
  • Durable
  • Low-Color Disortion
  • Anti-Scratch Coatings

Gamers looking to avoid the potential distraction of tinted lenses can opt for J+S gaming glasses, which include low-color distortion lenses. Blue light is restricted to the most harmful range of wavelengths. Several lens tints and frame color options are available in five unisex styles. The sunglasses are UV-protected and have anti-reflection coatings.

Though our list offers many stylish frames, most of them have limited customization options. A wide variety of frames is available, including squares and circles.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield gaming glasses stand out from the competition because of the many options available to their customers. Aside from classic rectangles, there are round frames, square frames, and WF1 frames to choose from.

Select from clear or tinted lenses depending on what type of lens you prefer. Clear, black, or tortoise are the three available colors for each frame. The yellow-tinted glasses protect against blue light 90 percent, while the clear lenses protect against it 62 percent. Anti-scratch and dirt coatings are applied to both types of lenses.

You’ll also receive a microfiber cloth to wipe your lenses whenever they get dirty along with the glasses’ package. Although the frames lack adjustable nose pads, third-party silicone nose pads can compensate for their absence.


So, here we have listed the best of the best gaming glasses you need to reduce eye strain and other problems. You really need some good glasses if you watch the computer screen for a longer duration. Personally, I’d suggest you go with the GUNNER ones as they are a good and well-known brand for eyeglasses, especially for this purpose.

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