What is VulkanRT? Can you remove it from Program Files?

If you looked into the Program Files and discovered something named “VulkanRT”, you might have started scratching your head as to what it could be. It’s best to stop uninstalling it before you even catch your breath. The program is commonly found in the Program Files (x86) folder within Windows 10 or in the list of programs.

Have you been wondering what the heck VulkanRT is, and should I delete it from my system if you have noticed it on your system?”

The Vulkan Runtime Libraries, or VulkanRT, are not spyware or malware (although they are falsely claimed as such on many websites), so you should not be concerned. Additionally, uninstalling it is far more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

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What is VulkanRT?

AMD and NVIDIA install VulkanRT software on their video cards. When your computer’s graphics drivers are updated, this software is installed.

From a company called Khronos Group (also part of Vulkan) comes the cross-platform VulkanRT 3D graphics and computation API. You may not be aware that cross-platform apps are programs that run on a variety of software platforms (OS), including Windows, IOS, Linux, Android, etc.)

People often wonder, “Is this a virus?”, when they come across unfamiliar computer programs. It’s not a virus.

There is a royalty-free application programming interface (API) for this software courtesy of the Khronos Group, an American non-profit consortium. Among its applications are video games and interactive media, such as high-performance, real-time 3D video applications.

APIs such as VulkanRT are designed to help people who use 3D graphics to maximize hardware performance for better performance.

Comparatively, Direct3D 11, Metal, and Direct3D 12 offer significantly higher performance and more balanced GPU and CPU usage. Additionally, it is capable of running parallel tasks and rendering 2D applications. In addition, the work can be distributed effectively among the cores.

Should you uninstall VulkanRT?

In a nutshell, NO. Some websites claim VulkanRT is allegedly a virus, but this is not the case. Don’t uninstall it especially of you play games as it is required by some games.

AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards come with this software, and certain games require it to function. By installing the game, sometimes it will also install these Runtime Libraries so that the game will run smoothly.

The API is intended to provide greater control over GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) usage from the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

Similar to Mantle and Direct3D, the function is comparable. The result is a simpler rendering process, as well as CPU multithreading efficiency. Graphics drivers are included only for dedicated GPUs.

Many online websites can determine whether your computer is equipped with a dedicated GPU, and they will provide you with a driver.

By doing so, you can install drivers as and when required, preventing mistakes in driver installation. In case you removed VulkanRT, you can restore it through this method (if you removed the program), but many of these sites contain advertisements, therefore we recommend you don’t uninstall the default application.

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