Best Fortnite Zone Wars Maps Codes

A temporary season event in Fortnite: Battle Royale, Zone Wars occurred between September 26th to October 6th of this year. It enabled players to access creative-inspired limitless modes (LTMs) in the matchmaker system.

When Epic Games removed Zone Wars from the matchmaking screen at the end of the Season Event, it was met with a lot of disappointment. At the same time, friends wanted to have a great time and players were struggling to improve their skills. Although it has been rumored that Epic Games was deciding to bring back the fan-favorite event, the only way players can play is by re-creating the event in Fortnite Creative.

Active Fortnite Zone Wars Course Codes

Fortnite Zone Wars
Image Credit: Epic Games
  • Vertigo Zone War – 7776-2560-3797
  • Endgame E Zone Wars – 9281-7207-0109
  • Enigma’s Downhill River – 6131-6133-2720
  • DonnySC’s Tropical Real StormWars – 7875-4323-5194
  • Performance Zone Wars – 2643-2398-4554
  • Trio/Duo Zone Wars – 7683-5066-4650
  • 2x Zone Wars By ZeroYaHero – 5531-4217-2727
  • Enigma’s Lava Zone Wars – 6025-9447-9833
  • Enigma’s Zone Wars – 7807-3739-7969

How to use Fortnite Zone Wars Course Codes

The Fortnite Creative mode lets you create some pretty amazing stuff with in-game assets, and it launched during Fortnite’s Seventh Season. Go to the Fortnite Creative mode from the bottom of the game selection screen and select one of the ‘featured rifts’ in front of you. Once there, tap the hotkey to ‘Set Island Code’ and you’ll be shown the custom map you wish to play!

Redeeming any code is easy if you have the right codes. Although the codes consist of only numbers and are not case sensitive, it may be easy to make a mistake entering the code. Once you have entered it currently, simply walk up to the rift to use it.

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