Best Fortnite Zone Wars Maps Codes

In ‘Zone Wars’ Creative LTMs, users were able to test their abilities in a variety of ‘endgame’ scenarios – simulations of the final stages of a Battle Royale. The last player standing would be crowned in a variety of scenarios. A random loadout and 500 of each building material were given to each player to start with.

Throughout the match, a small storm circle would push players towards the center, forcing them into a series of ‘build fights’. All of these factors make Battle Royale a fantastic game mode that sustains the fast-paced chaos of the final 15 throughout the entire match.

Not only did Zone Wars become extremely popular among friends, but also among players looking to hone their skills in a unique, small-scale, close-quarters combat setting. So, when Epic Games removed the mode from the matchmaking screen at the end of the Season Event, the Fortnite community was extremely disappointed.

There’s a great way to get around it though, thanks to a few crafty players. There have been persistent rumours that Epic Games was considering bringing back the fan-favorite event, but the only way players have been able to play is through Fortnite Creative’s recreation of the mode.

Best Fortnite Zone Wars Course Codes

  • Performance Zone Wars: 2643-2398-4554
  • Enigma’s Downhill River: 6131-6133-2720
  • Vertigo Zone War: 7776-2560-3797
  • Enigma’s Zone Wars: 7807-3739-7969
  • DonnySC’s Tropical Real StormWars: 7875-4323-5194
  • Trio/Duo Zone Wars: 7683-5066-4650
  • 2x Zone Wars By ZeroYaHero: 5531-4217-2727
  • Endgame E Zone Wars: 9281-7207-0109
  • Enigma’s Lava Zone Wars: 6025-9447-9833

How to use the codes for Zone Wars

Fortnite creative maps and islands are relatively simple to load if you’re not familiar with them. With this mode, players can build some pretty amazing stuff with in-game assets during Fortnite’s Seventh Season.

From the game selection screen, select Fortnite Creative mode. Once you’re in, simply walk up to one of the ‘featured rifts’ in front of you and tap ‘Set Island Code‘. In order to play the custom map you selected, you must enter the 12-digit code from the list above.

Remember to double-check the code if you have trouble redeeming it. While these codes consist of only numbers and are not case sensitive in themselves, it is easy to make a mistake when writing them down. Just walk up to the rift once you have entered it!

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