The Best Free Voice Chat Apps for Gamers

Video game communities are now using voice chat as standard practice. Playing video games on a couch to socialize is a thing of the past. Instead, why not just sit at home and chat over the internet?

Gamers know how crucial communication is to success in order to get the most out of their games. Many multiplayer games today allow players to communicate via voice communication, but most of them are not very good. Here’s a list of the best voice chat apps for gamers in 2021 if you’re looking for a way to chat with your teammates and other players.

In spite of this, you may feel confused about which option is best for you and your friends. Below are the top free voice chat applications for gaming.

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#1 Discord

Who doesn’t use discord? I mean almost every gamer knows discord is the #1 Free Voice Chat App for Gamers. Discord is available as a desktop and a web app (which unfortunately lacks the same features as the desktop versions). You’ll feel right at home on Discord if you’ve ever used Slack or IRC. Discord also supports text chat and video chat (for up to 10) in addition to voice chat.

According to the numbers, Discord is the most loved free chat app among gamers. Chatting with other members of a Discord group is possible through the app, whether it is voice or text chat. Servers can be created and friends invited. A browser-based version of the service is also available, as is a mobile app.

Players can join servers quickly and begin communicating with each other since it is a web service. In addition to using Discord while playing games like CS: GO and Fortnite, most gamers at Beebom use it to communicate during PUBG/BGMI matches.

As far as features go, Discord has plenty to offer. The Discord overlay can be used in-game, and custom hotkeys can be created. Overlays are pretty useful since they allow players to seamlessly interact with not just the game they are playing, but also all of their friends and teammates on Discord. Additionally, bots can be added for extra functionality.

You can also adjust the volume for specific players, so you can hear only players you want to hear. The low resource consumption and bandwidth usage of Discord make for an easy winner.

#2 Mumble

Mumble is a free and open-source program available for PCs, Macs, and Linux. Mobile apps include Plumble for Android and Mumblefy for iOS. Most of its functions are related to audio chat, though it can also support primitive text chat.

Mumble, which provides always-on encryption, is a great choice for gamers. The server will always encrypt your data. If you use Mumble’s low latency audio streaming feature, you will encounter very few lags. While playing the game, the player can experience an immersive, realistic experience with positional sound.

In Mumble, the server admins are given many different permissions for managing users and controlling almost every aspect of a server. Furthermore, it integrates an in-game overlay, as do the others on this list.

It is especially great for high-octane games with lots of fast action, especially those that involve the use of a team. In some games, the game can also provide positional audio based on where you are in the game world.

Mumble servers can be enhanced with features provided by the “Ice” middleware, such as web interfaces, channel viewers, authenticator, and many more. Additionally, Mumble has mobile applications that were developed by third parties.

#3 Steam Voice Chat

The SteamChat software is another great way to communicate while playing a game. Because most of you probably already have Steam installed on your system and it runs in the background while you play games, it’s a great option you can try before installing any of the other apps on this list.

Although Steam is one of the world’s top gaming platforms, it did not have voice chat until 2018. It’s somewhat shocking when you consider the astronomical amounts of money spent on the platform, the 100 million users, and the astounding range of games available.

Using Steam’s voice chat feature will save you from using third-party apps. Since you play the same game with everyone else, everyone can use the same app to chat with their friends.

Steam Voice Chat is as reliable as one might expect from Steam products. Several media types can be dropped into the Steam Voice Chat for easy sharing, including GIFs and audio clips. Additionally, you can manage Steam Voice Chat from the chat hub.

When it comes to chatting with others or other gamers, Steam Voice Chat has limitations. You’re most likely to chat with your friends through Steam Voice Chat. Discord, on the other hand, allows you to chat with multiple people at once from different servers.

Because Steam already includes PUBG chat, why do you need a separate client when you’re playing on PC? You can create groups with friends for free using Steam’s chat feature.

A SteamChat user may also share a unique URL to share the chat room. A chat administrator can also set roles for members, giving them the ability to kick other members, manage group information, and set chat restrictions. As an added feature, SteamChat also offers a web client that you can use even if you do not have Steam on your computer.


In this article about the Best Free Voice Chat Applications for Gamers, we have listed the best apps you need to chat with your fellow players on your favorite game. You will definitely love these apps. We recommend using Discord as your default app as it is easy to use and has all the necessary features like low latency, good quality, etc. We’ve used Discord for years and we recommend you to use it as well.

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