Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods (Top Five)

There are many great looking mods available for Fallout: New Vegas but some of them make the game look as if it is a completely different game. Because of these Mods, many gamers are able to experience better gameplay. From GTA V to The Elder Scrolls, there are numerous mods available. You can easily get the mods online.

Today we’re going to be part of a (partial) secret society. In other words, we’re going to talk about the weapons of Fallout New Vegas, mods, and modular weapon packs. Here, in this article, we are listing the 5 Best Mods for Fallout: New Vegas.

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Best Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

“Fallout: New Vegas” makes for a great retro-futuristic open-world game, except for that one fatal flaw: it’s hard as hell. To help even the playing field, here are some mods, tips, and exploits for “Fallout: New Vegas.”

#1 Project Nevada

Yeah, we know. Everybody thinks Fallout: New California is the best mod, but no! We found that Project Nevada is one of the best mods for Fallout: New Vegas. Many gamers found Fallout: New Vegas a bit too easy. This mod increases the difficulty of the game to another level.

This mod is a bit easy to install. Any new gamer can easily install this mod with its given options.

#2 Fallout: New California

This is the most popular mod among all and the reason is quite simple. This mod uses Fallout: New Vegas’s engine and assets. This mod cannot be called a mod because this mod adds entire new gameplay to the game.

This mod is not just a quest or anything. This is a totally different game made with the help of the original game. You’ll find this mod to be the most interesting one.

#3 Dust Mod

What do you expect from a mod? Better experience? Well, the Dust Mod is so good that you can’t even imagine how good it is. Literally, this is the most interesting mod I found.

The Dust Mod converts the game into a Survival Horror game, where the gamer just has to focus on survival and escape the place. This mod is extremely challenging, and it is not easy to win. Various small things like Dust Storm and Hallucinations create a great impact and make this mod a great one!

#4 New Vegas Uncut

During the making of the game, a lot of mods and objects had to be removed from the game because of the time limit. At the last moment, they removed a lot of things from the game. This mod from MoBurma brings or we can say restores some of the unused things from the original game.

You know that Weapons + Fallout New Vegas Mods = Armamentarium. This one mod is enough for a completely different gameplay experience.

#5 JSawyer’s Ultimate Edition

Do you know who created this mod! Want to know? Well, this mod is from the lead designer and the project lead of the game Fallout: New Vegas JSawyer himself! Yeah, this game was developed in about one and a half years. But, Joshua Sawyer might have thought that that’s not enough, so he created this mod.

One of the best parts of this mod is, many members of the modding community re-created this mod and released it as the Ultimate Edition. This mod makes the “New Vegas” game much more challenging and rewards the players for better planning.


Mods are used to improve a weapon’s damage, handling, or add perks to a weapon. Mods are weapon specific, meaning you can install the same mod on different weapons. Hope you liked these 5 Best Mods for Fallout: New Vegas.

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