Fix Hal.dll Errors in Windows 10, 7, 8, and Vista

HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED Error Fix: Errors are a big part of computers especially for Windows PCs, errors are more common. Sometimes, errors come due to software issues, or sometimes there are hardware issues that cause those errors.

There are many reasons for the Hal.dll error in Windows PCs. This error is most common in Windows 8. The reason for this error is given below.


This error is shown after the computer starts just before starting the Windows Start Screen. There are many reasons for this error, which are as follows:

  • The error is obviously caused due to the Hal.dll file. The file might be corrupted or deleted.
  • The DLL file is the only reason for the Hal.dll error on Windows

Solutions to Hal.dll error in Windows

Just to let you know, these solutions don’t work on Windows XP and will only work on Windows 7/8/10. Follow all the steps carefully.

  • Restart your computer – You know, restarting solves a lot of problems in Windows. Just try it and it might solve the problem.
  • Do the Startup Repair – Startup Repair options come after you start your PC after booting, give them a try.
  • Have a proper Boot Sequence – Make sure the BIOS is configured properly and the Hard Drive boots earlier than other hardware components.
  • Test and Replace your Hard Drive – There might be some problems in your Hard Drive, test it and replace it.
  • Reinstall Windows – This is the last option, if nothing works, then Reinstall Windows.


We hope this article helped you solve the Hal.dll error in Windows. If you need more help, use the comments section given below.

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