Best Gaming Keyboards For Small Hands

When you want to become a better gamer, you want to play better. In order to play better, you need the right tools. In the gaming industry, there are a number of accessories that can help you, including a gaming keyboard with a smaller key layout. The best gaming keyboards for small hands are going to make a huge difference in your gaming experience, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Consider that you are reading this article because you like to play video games, but you have small hands. It may seem inconvenient to have smaller hands, but we can assure you that it can also bring you many benefits in your daily life.

Gaming and working setups require a good keyboard. For people with shorthand, using larger keyboards can become a bit frustrating and difficult. Therefore, it is essential to select a keyboard size that is appropriate to your needs

The purpose of this article is to explain what gaming with small hands is like, what type of keyboard you might be better off using, why, and which gaming keyboard we recommend for someone with small hands.

Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands

These are the 5 best gaming keyboards you can get if you have small hands.

  • Ducky One 2
  • Logitech G Pro
  • Noppoo Chocco Mini
  • DREVO Excalibur
  • Corsair K65 LUX

#1 Ducky One 2 – Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands

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There are a number of mechanical keyboards currently available on the market, but the Ducky One 2 Mini is probably one of the most popular. This mini keyboard is marketed as a gaming keyboard, which is no surprise since many professional or skilled gamers use it as their preferred gaming accessory.

As Cherry MX switches are integrated into the keyboard, it is a 60% keyboard that is on the pricey side. Gaming is made smooth with these switches. The main disadvantage of this keyboard is that like most 60% keyboards, it lacks some function keys, such as arrow keys and numeric keys. Alt and Fn keys can be used to access every missing key.

With 10 distinct predefined modes, it features RGB LED lighting. The modes can be quickly and easily changed.

In addition, the Type-C USB cable is detachable. There are also three different placement angles that can be adjusted for a more enjoyable typing and gaming experience.

#2 Logitech G Pro

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The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard designed primarily for professional use. E-sport athletes will benefit from its blend of speed, precision, and quiet performance. Designed for ultimate performance.

Featuring Romer G switches that are fast and durable. Each keystroke is almost instantaneous from fingers to screen because they are 25% faster than mechanical switches. The Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology in this pro gaming keyboard allows for next-generation RGB lighting control, driven by actions in over 300 games. Suitable for use with both PC and Mac.

The Logitech G Pro is ultra-portable thanks to its sleek and compact design. You can easily transport it to tournaments or move it around. Its solid design leaves plenty of room for mouse movements and frees up desk space. The micro USB cable provides a secure connection.

You can adjust the keyboard’s angle in three steps for more comfort when playing. The rubber feet provide adequate stability while gaming.

#3 Noppoo Chocco Mini

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Chocco Mini is an excellent little keyboard. There are only 75% of the keys on this keyboard as compared to a standard keyboard. It’s perfect for those of us with smaller hands, who don’t want to have to navigate the full keyboard constantly.

As a keyboard, it’s decent. Although it makes a great gaming keyboard, it can also be used for everyday tasks. You can use it in an office setting without looking unprofessional, and it is portable.

With a middle-ish point of actuation, it makes typing on the top rows of the keyboard easier. In terms of features, the Noppoo Chocco mini is pretty basic. There isn’t a lot of customization, but it’s not necessary. What it does, it does very well.

#4 DREVO Excalibur

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As with the Drevo Excalibur, it is a 75 percent keyboard. In addition, it has chosen to remove the Numpad. A smaller hand will appreciate this change.

You can choose a color scheme that fits your style and preferences with the Drevo. The ALT key has graphical keycaps. Depending on how you look at it, these can either be positive or negative. Some may find them glaring, but I don’t.

You can use the Drevo to play games late at night or work at your desk. There’s a sleek, but casual look to it. It uses quiet switches and has a nice mechanical sound. Most people will enjoy this keyboard.

The Drevo has quite a few notable features. It is important to understand what you are getting if you wish to purchase one of these keyboards. It comes with quite a few features.

#5 Corsair K65 LUX

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Despite being on the pricey side, this tenkeyless keyboard is well worth the price. In addition to its brushed aluminum frame and silky smooth keypresses, it is a mechanical board.

Having a durable and long-lasting design, it also looks good. Cherry MX switches make it more than reliable and are made in Germany. Therefore, it is more expensive and of higher quality. It actuates quickly and without creating a lot of noise.

Secondly, a USB port is located on the keyboard body along with dedicated volume controls. The package includes additional keycaps, so you can replace the missing ones as needed.

This PC accessory is lightweight and portable due to its tenkeyless design. iCUE provides RGB illumination. The lights can be fully customized, so you can create numerous lighting effects. Controls are textured and contoured for FPS and MOBA.

This keyboard is great for fast typists and action gamers. Those with a limited amount of desk space may also find the tenkeyless design useful.


This article has been written with the intention of helping you find the best gaming keyboard for small hands. We hope that it has provided you with the necessary information to choose the perfect keyboard for you or your children. If you have any questions or would like to contribute your own experience on the topic, please leave us a comment. Thank you for reading!

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