Best Casual Games: All-Time Favorite!

Casual games can be the perfect distraction when you want to take your mind off your worries.

Casual games are games that you can easily pick up and set down after a while, returning to them periodically for enjoyment. Casual doesn’t necessarily mean easy or simple – it’s all about how you perceive it.

Our relaxing and chill games are the perfect way to unwind after a long day or take a break from more competitive games.

For casual gamers, it’s crucial to prioritize things like simple controls, straightforward mechanics, and rewarding gameplay.

Here is a list of the best casual PC games to play in 2021, including the best free casual games on PC and the best casual multiplayer games on PC.

If you’re short of ideas, here are some casual games we’ve enjoyed over the years.

#1 Space Invaders

In 1978, Taito launched a retro video game featuring an alien invasion created by Tomohiro Nishikado.

Players controlled a large laser blaster that they moved around the bottom of the board, shooting at aliens and sometimes bonus points-earning space ships that approached.

High scores were displayed at the top of the screen, which became a common feature of arcade games.

Space Invaders Get Even has players fly alien UFOs rather than defend them as the original Space Invaders did 30 years ago.

In this WiiWare title, players commanded hordes of up to 100 invaders, using a variety of strike tactics to blow up airplanes, helicopters, warships, and other vehicles.

#2 Pac-Man

It was fun to play, and you enjoyed it. As you navigate a labyrinth, you control a yellow creature that eats dots and avoids ghosts.

Originally found in arcades, it spawned numerous clones and spinoffs, such as Mrs. Pac-Man.

Play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX if you’re a Pac-Man fan.

In this XBLA and PSN remake of the iconic arcade favorite, the maze is divided into two sections to enhance the Pac-Man dynamic.

There are also sleeping ghosts that start chasing you as soon as you pass by them and different speeds that grow as you accumulate points and drop as you waste a life.

#3 The Ramp

The Ramp can be thought of more as a digital toy than a typical video game, a casual game that’s perfect for a few minutes of fun.

With easy to learn yet difficult to master tricks and controls, the game offers satisfying and unique skateboarding gameplay for skateboarders.

There are four levels in all: a classic halfpipe, an empty pool, two compacted bowls, and a massive ramp for high-flying tricks.

The Ramp’s simple appearance and design make it ideal for overcast days when it’s impossible to skate outside, but you still want to enter the flow zone.

#4 Angry Birds (2009)

Angry Birds has become one of the most addictive casual games that have come along in a long, long time. Players take on the role of angry birds trying to retrieve stolen eggs from a gang of evil pigs.

As the birds are shot with an on-screen slingshot, the gamers aim to either directly kill the pigs or damage the structures until they collapse and take out the pigs.

It is certainly an insane concept, but one that has attracted millions of players worldwide since it has branched out from iOS to Android smartphones and other devices.

#5 There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

Parody video game There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension pokes fun at video game franchises such as Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, and Day of the Tentacle.

There are random mini-games, interactable environments, and clever riddles that require players to think outside the box that makes it feel like a WarioWare title.

A hint system is also included for when you get stuck, as well as Easter eggs and nods to some of our favorite games.

For a sense of the game’s silly tone and visual presentation, you can view its Steam page for yourself.

#6 Candy Crush Saga

Most people think of this game when they hear the word “casual.” The type of game you’ll get addicted to overtime.

Players have five lives in “Candy Crush Saga”, a free game.

When a player fails to complete a round, they lose one life. After losing all five lives, they either have to wait 20 minutes until the game resumes or pay 99 cents.

Join Tiffany and Mr. Toffee as they take you on a sweet journey through the Candy Kingdom.

View breathtaking sights, meet delightfully crazy characters, and explore enchanted realms! Shift and match your way through hundreds of stages in this tasty puzzle game.

It keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

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